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Daily Create Poetry Destination

Daily Note and Daily Create

I found it! The Center of the Universe

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, another Daily Create poem— #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3778 Destination. Given the “D” sign and asked what its destination is— I found the sign in our park— Ha ha!

I duplicated the sign and reversed it to snap it together and place on the memorial in the center of our park, which to us IS the center of the universe, of course, matching the paths created by the sign.

It’s a lovely spot to chose to walk — how about over the walking bridge behind us, or up the steps to the left to the sport courts and former pool, or straight ahead to rest of the park and quiet neighborhood?

We love our daily walk among the neighborhood kids, the songbirds in the foliage, the turkeys, the mule deer, raccoons we see only at night, the quail by the creek. All the creatures are part of the town now.

What we miss is the chatter of little grandkids, now grown, who would walk just southwest of this spot with our kind white dog to the old railroad tunnel, never used, that we call the “Bat Cave.” Our path was up a different sidewalk, down a path to Fiddle Creek, over the footbridge and up again to the tunnel carved through the granite, looking at the sleeping bats clinging to the rock inside and behind a fence— to prevent us from entering and getting clobbered by falling rock.

Together our paths crossed here, yet, as always, we, each, alone in where we step and what we choose.

Thought I worry, I choose awe in the wonder of the world.


We stand always
At the center of the universe
Where all roads cross
Where all streams meet
Where all points gather
Into one moment
To the next moment
Where points realign
Where streams flow
Where roads emerge
Around the wonder of the universe
We step in awe.

Sheri Edwards
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