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The Birch Tree

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Last spring we wandered around the Okanogan Forest north of us and every time I see aspen or birch, I must stop and enjoy the time because I’m sure that fairies live within— for sure over 400 species of moths and butterflies favor the birch as homes. So, who knows— perhaps that butterfly you see is really a fairy?

Anyway, I did snap a picture— their lighter bark standing out among the greenery. So pretty.

If you’re thinking about planting a tree, with care, a birch will certainly help the butterflies and moths as well as other birds who eat the insects that eat the sap.


And so, a poem…


Etched white bark, papery thin
Flaking off in gentle curls
Perfect spots for chrysalis
Of moths and butterflies
Who feast upon the seeping sap
Along with other insects too
Providing so a feast for birds:
birch trees are paradise.

Sheri Edwards
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