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Daily Create

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 Music for Today: 

peace and love in conversation for understanding while standing up for justice for all

A Playlist: Peace, Love, and Justice DS106 #tdc3776

Growing up as a teenager in the 1960s, I’m aware of the need to speak up and stand up for injustice to begin the conversations needed to ensure justice for all of us.

My friend, Nancy, shared with me years ago this quote from Pope Paul VI:

It is difficult, but essential, to form a genuine idea of Peace. It is difficult for one who closes his eyes to his innate intuition of it, which tells him that Peace is something very human. This is the right way to come to the genuine discovery of Peace: if we look for its true source, we find that it is rooted in a sincere feeling for man. A Peace that is not the result of true respect for man is not true Peace. And what do we call this sincere feeling for man? We call it Justice.

If you want peace, work for justice. 

 Pope Paul VI, 1/1/72

And what better way to state the stand for peace and justice — and love— than through music.

So, with just a bit of Google search magic, I found two sites filled with the most important protest songs — songs that sing of injustice and a need to state the issues, to bring them into the open and speak up, to stand up for the human rights of all people to bring about peace:

And from that list, I remembered three songs that best, to me, represent both the need to speak up and the importance of conversation towards understanding and acceptance of human rights— rights for all of us, unjudged by religion or governments, but fulfilled in our daily willingness to live in kinship for our affinity with one another.

And so for the Daily Create I created a playlist for the three songs, which, apparently, YouTube will not allow me to embed because one of the videos does not allow embedding— so click the caption or image to the playlist. Sorry about that.

Sing the songs. Sing them together. Vote. Write to your Congressional representatives in the House and Senate. Write to your state congressional representatives. Write to and attend local city councils. Speak up for human rights and against injustice in its many forms, including climate and social justice issues.

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