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Where do you go to be safe?

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I am feeling the world as cold— hostile to to the female gender, treating women as chattel and incapable of planning their lives— slaves to the choices of others. This. is. not. right. This. is. not. God’s love.

This is an attack to create an undemocratic, dystopian nightmare against women and others who don’t fit someone else’s religious beliefs. This is not the founder’s vision. This is wrong.

My feelings are those of anguish and fear for my grandchildren.

A Safe Place

I cannot imagine how it must feel
To have choice of your life repealed
To be forced to live as others direct
No chance of one’s own path to select
And anyone who helps your sorrow
Is also smothered into this horror
We’d need a place to find
With others of our kind
Who value women with respect
And their choices do accept
To plan and love and dream to live
Whatever path they choose to live.
Where do we go to be safe?
Where do you go to be safe?

Sheri Edwards
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