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Sorrel Laurels

Daily Note and Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Well, today’s Daily Create asked us to explain what our favorite flower is. Now, who can pick a favorite flower when each one seen is a unique and intricate beauty to admire and thank for being in the world?

So—- a poem about picking a favorite, because I hear myself saying, “Oh I love crocus’s— they are my and my mom’s favorite flower.”

And then, as the daffodils pop up, I hear my self saying, “Oh, I love daffodils — they just cheer us up after winter.”

Next, I hear myself as the hawthorn and pear bloom, “Oh I love the trees that bloom and let us know that, yes— spring is here.”

Or when I say, “You have sweet peas? Oh, they are my favorite flowers— my mom always planted them so they paint the wire fence with color.”

Or as we walk through the meadow, “Oh look! My favorite flowers— bachelor buttons. My mom always planted them with her sweet peas.” And then I realize that each one is my favorite flower. So I sifted through my Google Photos and found a few—- hundred—- with art and poetry for an album to share: Floral Delights

And so my poem and my Daily Create:

ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3760 Flower Laurels

Sorrel Laurels, But Tomorrow…

Crocus, Lilac, Lavender,
Patience, Pansy, Cornflower
Cosmos, Cranesbill, many more
Each one a gift that we adore
Pick just one? Oh, I think not-
Maybe today — forget-me-not—
But wait, I see the wood sorrels
To these, I thank and give laurels
For morning yellows like the sun
And closing up when day is done;
Perhaps tomorrow, the columbine—
For gifts of memories and colors fine?
Oh, so many blooms of joy
I sigh and with each, enjoy.

Sheri Edwards
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For a bit on the writing process, see What Else Sorrel Laurels

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