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Daily Create

ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3757 AI Art —- Write some words at Dream Wombo site and generate art to fit it through artificial intelligence— AI.

I chose words from a Lennon/McCartney song, Across the Universe. I just like singing that song when the world seems to be overtaking a path of peace. It’s like a prayer to hold on and keep moving forward the idea of a loving and caring world — we can do it— it’s a mantra over evil. To me, anyway.

Words are flowing out
like endless rain
into a paper cup

Pools of sorrow,
waves of joy
are drifting
through my opened mind

ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3757 AI Art

Lyrics from:
Across the Universe
John Lennon / Paul McCartney

I tried five art styles— noted in the images below — to see the interpretations of each. I really like the sketches — one was going to be beautiful, but it never finished, so I took a screenshot of what it was creating for Sorrow and Joy. I may try to finish it myself. I also like the Ukiyo-e style as well and made the Sorrow and Joy one the featured image above. Ukiyo-e translates to “pictures of the floating world.” We are a world floating across the universe.

I’m not sure I want AI to continue— I’m not sure the creators have a humanitarian emphasis that includes everyone, that includes humans over greed and power. If you look at all the pictures, they all seem to have a darkness to them, where, I guess, we must be the spark of light in the universe. I’d like to think we live to help each other — to build a better world that lasts through the universe for our progeny.

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