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Did Not Get Away

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

I finally found some important photographs I had taken to school along with the Northern Pike that now holds a special spot in my home after spending many years as a tale and conversation at my cousin’s place, Totten Trail in Coleharbor, ND. That’s sold now— and my cousin’s saved the trophy for my memories atop the bookcases.

On Display at Totten Trail

Anyway, I found that top photo and Dad’s certificate. He and my mom spent spring, summer, and fall enjoying their favorite fishing spots along the Missouri River, places near home in Bismarck and north near Garrison where my Uncle Dee lives still at age 95. And years ago when he was younger, my dad also fished in winter— ice fishing with their little shed. No, I did not go, nor did my mom. 🙂

I spent many weekends with cousins in the North Dakota heat along the river and reservoir as my parents and my aunts and uncles fished and camped together. We played cards and games of tag, and explored the North Dakota prairie. Occasionally we got to swim— but not usually because that would scare away the fish. Ha. My family were such avid fisher people that we went fishing even when I had the mumps— me sleeping in the back of the little dodge station wagon while every one else enjoyed themselves. Don’t worry— I was always cared for, monitored, and hydrated. Obviously, I survived.

Even my grandparents fished as well as farmed — and I found this note – a fish story — written by my grandmother for the local paper about my dad.

And on May 18, 1981– long after I’d left home— this Northern Pike did not get away. It was such a big event for our family that I conflate the date with Mount St Helen’s eruption— a year before on May 18, 1980.

And so, a poem— simple story of the things we leave behind.

Did Not Get Away

Joyful memories
of a fisherman’s tale
held in plaque and hat.

Sheri Edwards
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For a bit on the writing process, see What Else: Fish Story

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