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Coffee or Tea

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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I liked the sound of “Coffee, Cream, and Keurig” and remembered how I once hated coffee. Really— it’s not tasty. I drank tea. So how did coffee become a morning drink— mornings and beyond? That is this poem.

Coffee, Cream, Keurig

In days before, Mom and Dad drank coffee. All day. Ugh. It tastes like dirt. A sip with cream with a chocolate dessert adds to a dinner date night. Never put coffee IN chocolate desserts. Again, that’s dirt.

Years ago, as a truck driver, my husband’s beverage all day in the thermos: black coffee.

Tea with delightful names provide a soothing mood: Sky Between the Branches, Tea of Inquiry, Dragon Oolong, Dragon Well, Organic Dancing Leaves.

Retirement brought every morning a delightful time with husband, coffee, and conversation. His, black; Mine, with cream.

So now… it’s coffee, cream, and Keurig most of the day. Tea slips in for enlightenment, while coffee stirs the imagination. Is it true?

Boiling water, leaves,
Mindfulness,but mornings beg
Coffee, cream, Keurig

Sheri Edwards
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1132 days of posts in a row

For a bit on the writing process see What Else Coffee or Tea

Our Beverages

My husband is the coffee connoisseur, and chooses Scott Brothers Coffee— they ship it to the house. Delicious.

My tea is Republic of Tea— delicious and essential for busy days.

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