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Delightful As Is

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I chose to write about our walk yesterday— where the spring flowers dazzled us as the brown of winter slips away and we are renewed!

Delightful As Is

It was the color yesterday that grabbed us, pulling our eyes from one yard to the next. The sun shone in the grass and along sidewalks in the yellow rays of daffodil petals.

The warm breeze pulled our hair so we wore hats, but the bright day needed no jackets.

Drawn ahead by the next delight, we found more daffodils and the uniquely pressed stems of iris, still without buds. Johnny JumpUps and crocus graced the green grass with puffs of purple. Trees displayed triangles of chartreuse tightly bound, waiting for a bit of warmer weather to open.

But I walked back to the delicate dance of nodding dwarf daffodils, such marvelous miniatures of the usuals lining the sidewalks— perfect portals for finding a fairy’s wee world, don’t you think?

Daffodils delight,
yet dancing dwarves draw us in,
dazed in a soft spell.

Sheri Edwards
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