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Toad in the Garden

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Today’s CLmooc doodle prompt was “frog,” so it stirred up a bit of memories.

My friend Lori and I, while in high school, captured a pair of toads along the Missouri River, keeping them as pets over the summer in the backyard until they escaped. We named them too: Erwin and Edwin P Soup. We’ve been sharing toads and frogs with one another ever since. We have many toads and frogs in our yards and houses. Above is a picture of one from Lori.

Every year I look and listen for toads and bullfrogs in the yard. I know they capture many of the creatures that “bug” me– like ants and bugs and snakes. Take a moment to learn about these amazing creatures:

It’s funny because I don’t like to pick up frogs, but and American bullfrog or a toad is different– they do not look wet and slimy. And so today I decided to take time to write a descriptive poem about toads, a sort of science poem. I hope you learn something and take care with these helpful creatures.


A toad is a frog
But a frog is not always a toad:
Toothless with
dry and leathery
brown or grey or green
bumpy skin
that’s a bit of poison,
short little legs and a
great big smile
all the better to eat
bugs and beetles,
slugs, crickets, and ants,
maybe a snake
so your garden stays a
pleasant place.

Sheri Edwards
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