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Day 733 MarchDoodle Poetry Art Manifesto

March Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

This week’s prompts from Lisa Bardot’s #makingarteveryday continues the theme of Grow, but focuses on a Sketchbook Journal of Reflection. Today’s prompt is “Art Manifesto.” Above you see my reflection and sketch for the art project.

For me, art is for sharing and learning, making the world better. And it starts with drawing a dot or a line, just in case you think you cannot draw.

#21doodledays I can draw
#21doodledays How to Draw

And so I used that simple idea to include in my manifesto, dot and line people, sharing my beliefs about art in a poem:


Art Manifesto
I Wonder If I Draw a Line

Swirl a dot
Pull a line
That’s a start
To make art

Learn some
Grow some
Mistakes: awesome

Let art flow
Share and Show
Perfect? No
Purpose? So…

Art: a community
In unity
Across Earth’s shores
Make art, not wars.

Sheri Edwards
031522 074.365.22

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Perhaps you have some hobby or skill so important to you that it is part of your life. What would your manifesto — your statement of beliefs, hopes, challenges, that would explain your life’s focus in that area of your life. What would you say? Would you make it a poem? A slogan? A piece of art? A dance? A photograph? Give it a try.

My Art Spot

Get the free journal here [sign up required; need Procreate app on iPad

Today is my one thousand one hundred eleven days in a row of writing blog posts: 1111 days in a row. 🙂

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