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Round and Round

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Oh, it’s tomorrow. We’re still here. Ukraine is still here. That’s my thought— how the world turns. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.

I remember that old soap opera my mother watched, and my dad, who came home for lunch from work to sit and watch “As the World Turns…” Soap operas are not my thing— I like a good mystery. We finally broke down to watch Downton Abby, but I get bored when it starts to be soap-opera like— or when good people become not so, and the bad guy never learns why his life is always so miserable.

But the truth is, the world does keep turning, spinning around while we humans keep our paths, some of bounding joy and some of fear and some in between.

And we seem to make the same mistakes.

Mask or not— 1918 or 2022.

Discrimination — 1860, 1960, today.

War— will we never solve issues with the intellect, grace, and language of our being? And why not? Why not.

So today, I looked for circles, for going round and round over and over again. I found a picture I took of our garden hose in late spring— loosely wound on the ground, round and round, as the world turns.

Round and Round
Round and round
The world turns

Spinning sorrows,
plights, and fights,

Come tomorrows
The world learns

Fresh insights
For earth our home

Today, tomorrow
The world grows

In human rights
People unite

For tomorrow
The future turns
Round and round.

Sheri Edwards
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