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Each Day A Sound, Peace

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Again the sun shines and I close my eyes to look to the future of warmer weather and days at the lake. I wonder, “What lakes are there in Ukraine?” So, I search “lakes Ukraine” with Creative Commons license.

Look below at this beautiful, peaceful photo of Synevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine By Misha Reme, CC BY-SA 4.0, found in Wikimedia Commons. It’s just the type of peaceful respite my mind had imagined, a place to pause and listen for the melody of song birds, the chattering of chipmunks, and the stomp of a nearby doe warning the fawn behind it.

Synevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine
Misha Reme, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

I find in my own photos one similar to the Synevyr Lake— some sky and shoreline of trees reflected in the lake. The autumn sky is mostly clear, only high clouds and day, too, is peaceful. It was peaceful. That will be my theme today— but what form? A repeating line like yesterday? an acrostic with the word peace? A list? How could I include that twist or a wish about the fight for freedom in Ukraine? I think I want it to be hopeful, so how about a list that leads to the wish for a free and peaceful tomorrow?

Each Day, a Sound, Peace

Yesterday, all ‘round, peace:
~ touch of a gentle breeze
~ a chatter of chipmunks
~ the laughter of children

Today, we found, peace:
~ in the hug of friends
~ in the silence of skies
~ in the melody of a songbird

Tomorrow, resound, peace:
~ in memory of the lost
~ in celebration of freedom
~ in the joy of living

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