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Blue and Yellow

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, we listen and watch in sadness and anger at the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Who would think in this day and age that one regime would be so blatantly evil without a consideration for humanity– either for the soldiers sent or the free people attacked in this year of 2022?

It’s a devastating blow to the idea of a civil and sane world that respects others’ rights. We have learned nothing as a human race, except to continue our selfish designs. Such a disillusion amid the obvious horror. Horror.

And so… I searched for blue and yellow in my photos, the colors of the Ukraine flag, in honor and hope for the people under siege.

Flag of Ukraine from Wikimedia Commons,
Public Domain

Why the blue and yellow– take a look at this photo of Ukraine I found on Pixabay by Igor2008: see the yellow fields of wheat and the lovely autumn leaves come alive below the beautiful blue sky.

Please spread hope for the people of Ukraine. Here’s an article in the Seattle Times of how you can help. Update: And an article How to Talk to Kids about Ukraine.

Blue and Yellow

Blue is the sky over yellow fields of wheat;
Blue as it shines with the autumn yellow leaves;
Bands across their flag; colors of their land
People who are free now forced to take a stand
We will remember when we view these brilliant hues—
Colors of a freedom fought when evil sprung anew.

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