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Daily Create Scene of Square Dancing

Daily Create

#ds106 Daily Create @ds106dc #tdc3691 Sharecropper Square-dancing, Oklahoma: The Scene Before, the Scene, and the Scene After

The image is the “orchestra” or band for a square-dancing night at a sharecropper’s home, about 1944. The looks on their faces indicate a worry from something unexpected. The man— who is the host— signs something. And the walls are thumb-tacked with paper. Actually, pretty nice paper, not just newspaper. And, a picture on the wall. What was that picture? I found it on another site about the pictures: Shorpy: Desperate Hours. It’s an image is of a St. Bernard rescuing a young girl from drowning.

Saved by Edwin Landseer, 1850s

In 1935, The Call of the Wild was a film with Buck, the St Bernard [Youtube Call of the Wild at 1:08]. I remember stories told when I was young about these dogs— and I imagine the movie and any pictures may have been popular. I remember the Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd, on TV in the early 1950s.

Rin Tin Tin

And times were still pretty dreary in 1944. A sharecropper’s life was not easy, as the other pictures in this series show less laughter and more relief from struggles. So, I’m not surprised that a picture of a rescue of a young girl— a hope for help for the innocent in the their struggles, is hanging on the wall.

After all, Currier and Ives lithographs made access to famous paintings more affordable for everyone.

So… my scene supports the struggle, the art, the worry.

Square Dance Caller [off stage]:
Request is so,
let’s do si do
another hour!
all in favor,
give a holler!

Band: Wait. What? We’re only paid a nickel.

Host: I better sign this IOU now before the band leaves.

Whew! No one noticed my Currier and Ives Edwin Landseer lithograph I forgot to put away.

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