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Shadow Cycle

Daily Note And Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem. So today’s Today’s #ds106 Daily Create @ds106dc #tdc3679 is to creat an Unselfie as Shadow with a Poem. So I found a a place to take a shadow picture of myself and as I did I began to consider the idea of shadows: a sort of grey back forth of light and dark, lightness and darkness, good and bad, goodness and evil. Why?

In this pandemic, so much division has been created by people of no morals or scruples or critical thinking— just spreading misinformation and disinformation for the purpose of dividing and controlling human social growth as one that, as the novelist George Eliot says, “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?

What a different world this would be if we would but “Love thy neighbor” and help make life less difficult?

So it’s important to remain not just positive, but truthful and speak truth to the evil lies. Bring the light in one’s own way, in the background, in plain sight, and in public, so that more is given in love than in hate.

And so a poem about the shadow cycles of life: the good and not good:

Shadow Cycle

Evil sneaks slowly,
deceiving, remember this:
It seeks to divide.

Be light and shadow,
Speak truth; live compassion as
kindness gathers love.

Compassion always,
Justice forever: goodness
overshadows bad.

Shadow evil’s dark—
Forgiving its fears fills hope,
Lighting dark with love.

In these, our shadows,
we seek the fears of darkness,
and, in love, forgive.

Forgiveness frays dark’s
division, and harmony,
through love, rejoins all.

Sheri Edwards
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