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Curmudgeon Kitty

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. About four years ago, we decided it was time for another kitty, a soft and purring creature who would help us feel better during the dark times of _t-2016_ and now covid.

But life has a way of twisting our wishes and so we brought home from the humane society the cutest little kitty, who all the while we drove home fought to get out of her carry-case and purred and purred when I let her out, still in the car on the way home because she was so panicked in the traveling case.

But she didn’t purr and cuddle, she just purred and wandered all over me, sniffing everything. And she’s been that untouchable, uncontainable, purring-at-strange-times cat ever since. Not cuddly.

Always cute in her bossy-ness, because, well, we brought her home and she’s ours, so we accept her as she is. And she is boss. A survivor. Yeah. We love her anyway.


Not old; just grouchy;
Grouchy all the time.
Don’t want to cuddle.
Just leave me alone.

I’ll let you know
When to let me out
In and out; in and out;
In and out; in and out;
I’ll let you know
What it’s all about.

I’ll let you know
When to fill the bowl
I’ll stare and stare
And bat at your leg
Fill the bowl now
I hate to beg.

Once in a while
I’ll bring you a toy
Give it a toss
And watch me slay
You’ll laugh and watch:
It’s a mousing day.

Just leave me alone
I’m letting you know
Settling in my tree
With a flap of my tail
As my steely eyes cross
Watching where you go
Beware: I am boss!

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