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Day 693 FebDoodle Deer

February Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Deer” is the prompt today from Lisa Bardot’s #makingarteveryday and mother doe watches over her fawn discovering the butterfly. In our area we are fortunate to have these wonderful “mule deer,” found in western United States. They are delightful creatures and the only deer whose running motion is to bounce off all four feet at the same time; this is called “spotting.” Read more at the National Wildlife Foundation. The National Parks Service also provides great information about these deer, who roam through our small rural time, munching on our gardens, to which we attempt to plant deer resistant plants [ha ha]. But we love them.

This took h-o-u-r-s to paint on my iPad. I tried to create a realistic scene and, though not perfect or exact, I do like it. The Fur and Fluff brushes are free and phenomenal. Each type of fur or fluff includes three versions: plain [matches color], dark [darkens color], light [lightens color]. This allows the strokes to overlay like real fur. Very fun and, with practice, I’ll get better. Find them here: Bardot Brushes [scroll down]. She also has a course on using the brushes on Skillshare here:


  • Lisa Bardot’s Fur and Fluff — color and texture, Texture Maker— background, and Gouache Paintbox – details.

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