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Daily Create JOMO Poem

Daily Note and Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today the Daily Create @ds106dc #tdc3671 #ds106 is to write a JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) Poem. And almost every day we, my husband and I, are thankful for living in a small town with a lovely area in which to walk in any season, an area filled with singing birds, forest creatures [mule deer, raccoon, quail, turkey, rabbits, squirrels], and kind neighbors. We do not miss the superfluous gatherings, overcrowded roadways and stores, and the hectic days of too many meetings and alarm clocks. Zoom is a life saver for gathering in community organizations, town meetings, and helping out the community when needed. Working from home works better and saves time of travel and unneeded appointments in person. We just don’t miss those. Friends and family missed, but all the extra busy-ness and rush is gone. The sad part is: we’re getting on and getting old and one without the other is unthinkable. Unthinkable. We find joy together and joy of missing out on the unnecessary. We’ve stopped the rush.

Scott, of course, has meetings and deadlines as newspaper publisher, but most can be done online. So, we’ve adapted well and rather like our new normal, except for not seeing family or enjoying a lovely conversational dinner with friends. Otherwise. JOMO. And so the poem for the Daily Create:


Just the company and conversation of us two
On pleasant and perceptive neighborhood walks
Musing on nature and wisdom and not missing
Outings, superfluous, nor setting alarm clocks.

Sheri Edwards
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