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Daily Create and Poetry on Iron

Daily Note and Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Today, the Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3669 ]#ds106 Enter the Metal-Verse reminded me of the sculpture my husband made while working in the railroad yard years before I’d met him. In looking up railroad slang, it sounded like he was a gandy dancer, someone doing the manual upkeep. I’m probably wrong, but I take poetic license since he’s busy on a Rotary zoom call right now. Though he did not stay in the railroad work, his father remained a conductor and trainmaster for the railroad. He even scouted the site where the railroad tracks would bring the cement needed for the third powerhouse for Grand Coulee Dam built in the 70s. And Scott and I live there now.

Anyway, way back then, Scott worked a railroad spike into a humorous Father’s Day present for his father, and we still have that cute green thing you see in the image above.

Update: Scott was a gandy dancer and then promoted to apprentice carman, which is commonly called by the railroad industry— a cartoad. And, rather than continue there, eventually he became owner and publisher of our local newspaper, The Star Newspaper.

So, since the Daily Create is to write a poem about a metal, I chose iron, since a railroad spike is made of steel— which is iron and carbon.

And the poem remembers how railroad spikes helped to create our united nation: United States of America by building the transcontinental railroad. And how in the future one of the main components of our railroad system, the spike, became a little gift of love, son to father.

One thing I’m glad about is that the Build Back Better under President Biden will rebuild our railway system. I love riding the train— it’s my favorite way to travel. One thing I’m sad about is that I probably will not be around to enjoy a ride on the newly built trains.



Iron and Carbon Steel
Rail Spikes, pounded and sealed
Overland routes, east to west—
Nation’s distance compressed.


In past times, father and son, a team of two
Railroad men, conductor and gandy dancer who
On Father’s Day, a reworked spike in humor done
Nostalgically —a gift to father from son.

Sheri Edwards
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