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When Light Shines

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Last night I saw the slim sliver of sunlight rest on the hillside across the way, and I was reminded to look for each day the light of goodness in the news and elsewhere to keep our hope alive.

When Lights Shine

When a slim line of light rests
On the hillside across the way
And nightlights and starlights
Begin their nightly glow
I feel the hope of tomorrow,
Find the light in the news today,
And fill my heart with the notion
That good will still come our way.

Sheri Edwards
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  1. I call this local knowledge. It is a knowledge that resides in and rises up from a sense of place. It is the opposite of inert knowledge. What frightens me is that we are so distracted now and rarely live in one place long enough to invoke this local knowledge. Keep on.

    • Hi Terry,
      Oh I am always delighted when you stop by. I see what you mean about local knowledge. Our side of town rests below the dam and a granite wall, so our sun sets early to receive a bit of cool air in the summer. We watch this line on the hill across the river, looking forward, on summer days, to some relief from the heat. Most everyone on this side of town talks about it– the early sunset– in conversation at one time or another. Though we lose the sun in winter, we love that bit of refreshing coolness in the hot summers we now encounter. So– indeed, local knowledge. 🙂 Thank you so much! Take care! ~ Sheri

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