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Window Wonders

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yesterday I mentioned new windows— This window in the bedroom, one of two, had never opened, and that’s not good for the new world we live in. Ventilation is important for trying to manage the virus infecting us through air particles. Both WHO and CDC have guidelines and information about ventilation in our homes. So, with a new window we can now open, we can increase the ventilation in the room and help us stay safer, or at least feel like we are.

I’m hoping that schools are able to ventilate better. Remember, in the 1970s, in an attempt to save energy, windows were covered on old buildings and installed smaller on new buildings. Over the years, windows were installed without the ability to open them. I’m not sure of the reasoning for that, but— imagine an entire building not being able to open windows. I worked in such a school. Now, that seems like a nightmare scenario.

I hope you are able to ventilate your work and home areas. Stay safe.

Window Wonders

See in and out
view the world
from inside
Outside view a world within
Breathe in and out
Send the stale
from inside
Outside draw the fresh within
Wonders in and out
through the window
large and little
views and virus
In and Out

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