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A Daily Create Trio

Daily Create January 2, 2022

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3643 #ds106 ] is a Countdown to 10 Years of the Daily Create: 10th, 9th, and 8th Most Popular Ones, so THREE [3] opportunities to create. Click the 3643 to find the original Daily Creates, but here’s a summary of mine today. Enjoy

Peace Music Playlist

Number 10: @ds106dc #tdc3643 #ds106 #dailycreate Peace Music Playlist from #tdc1979 My first choice would be John Lennon’s Imagine, but these three are important for today’s world: one on personal responsibility, one for we are one human race, and another that reminds us “the people were the harmony, with every color there to see,” which is a Lakes Band round dance, an intertribal dance welcoming all into the circle. So I included the circle as a wreath of peace with a listing of the three songs, embedded at the end of the post:


Number 9: #tdc1709 A Dozen of Anything EXCEPT Eggs— A dozen interesting reads on my bookshelf.

Your Neighborhood

Number 8: #tdc1740 Rain or shine, your city/town/burg is beautiful. Show us the magic — It was magical out my window last night— shining lantern, glistening snow, and a cat keeping watch between St Nick and the lantern with snowman

Music Videos

My Own Two Hands by Jack Johnson, a song of our personal responsibility

Listen by Red Grammer, a song that we are one human race

In the Round by Jim Boyd, an Arrow Lakes Band intertribal round dance of welcome, that includes the line “the people were the harmony, with every color there to see”

A local round dance at the Wellness Powwow, [Star Newspaper]

Imagine by John Lennon


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