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Though It Storms

Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem. We’re freezing here in the Coulee— wind chill below freezing. Down to 0° F last night. We’ve got the water running in the kitchen, a pencil thin stream with the cabinet doors open so the water doesn’t freeze. Going outside takes your breath away.

It reminds me of North Dakota winters. The wind, always blowing and the snow not falling, but drifting with wind, piling up on the fences. When the snow falls here, it falls straight down, piling up on trees, power lines, and fences. Fog freezes onto power lines, branches, and plants. And though it is cold, in North Dakota, with the wind always blowing, the wind chill frequently sends the cold into -20° or -30° F. I can remember the radio in the morning before walking to school, a -40°F can be wind chill -60°F. That. Is. Cold.

Obviously, to survive in North Dakota, the people watch out for each other, as we must always do: Love thy neighbor.

Though It Storms

Though it storms and the way seems bleak
We stay warm with the friends we keep
Wish them well and if help they seek
Be their strength with your friendship deep;
We in life with our choice to share
Though it storms it’s our way to care.

Sheri Edwards
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Winter Storm over Banks Lake, 2019

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