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Day 642 Changes

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Every year in December, the town of Leavenworth, WA is buzzing with holiday festivities. In years past, the weekend highlights including the lighting of all the trees in the main park— a glorious view in which sometimes ten thousand people may have attended. The above picture was taken December 29, 2017 as we drove through the little alpine village on a visit to family— these are only a partial viewing of the beautiful lights.


But, due to Covid, the community of Leavenworth seeks to minimize any dangers and have changed the venue into smaller events, with the lights on all through the holidays, without the one main lighting even on the weekends in order to avoid the massive influx of people so that everyone is safe. Smaller and more events are planned.

At all events, Covid restrictions apply, such as this, from their website:

Face coverings must be worn by everyone age 5 and older indoors in public places including shops, restaurants, grocery stores and public-facing offices, regardless of vaccination status.

Face coverings are required for large outdoor gatherings over 10,000 and recommended for outdoor gatherings where social distancing is difficult. But when the crowds gather on the weekends, donning your mask is recommended.

Leavenworth, WA Christmas Town website

For a few ideas of the changes to make plans, should you be interested, see the list below. For me, we’re staying home, but I want you to be safe.

Stay Safe

Yes, we are ordering take-out Christmas dinner and staying home. We enjoy our quiet life with a family chat and FaceTime calls to keep us connected to family. The Washington Department of Health suggests these activities on their website for a safe holiday gathering. Getting vaccinated, social distancing, and masking up offer the best protection when with others.

Happy Holidays, safely!


Holiday lighting
So inviting
Crowds appeared
Loud and clear.
Venues small
Holiday calm
Cozy display
Safer we play.

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