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Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem. Inspired by today’s Daily Create, “Get Knotted,” I remembered this photo of a maple tree trunk wrapped in Virginia Creeper on our daily walk through Cole Park. The two had existed peacefully together for years until the park cut both down. The chaos of the two intertwined is life— and the two live together, though separate. I’m so tired of the religious right and the conservatives and the supremacists refusing to let others live their lives, instead forcing others into their own box of entwined nepotism and corruption, all in the name of family values and some contorted religion. That’s not America. Not at all.

My friend, Ben Wilkoff shared a truth of today in a tweet— how different many view the world from a time when we welcomed and accepted others— and I must add, as Jesus would have done.

Beware as well to the efforts to erase history and others through the newest calls for banning books in school and public libraries. Please read this NPR article “What People Miss in the Conversation about Banned Books.”

We are no longer the land of the free, if those who are different are ignored and demonized. I’m so tired of it.

I know— vines can choke that which supports it— but that’s a different story.

This vine and this tree grew together. They flexed together. Though different, they each became of their own within the same world.

Just live, and let others live.


Wound around a maple tree
Virginia Creeper climbs to light
while maple lets it be;
and in winter’s leafless rest
the two of them we see
bands of entwined chaos
as each their path grows free;
in life so flow different lives,
together, separate, all free
though wound around, we too can live
lives that let each be.

Sheri Edwards
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