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Almost Daily: Morning Feast

Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s Daily Create asked for an image of a feast for St Nicholas, and often I take a picture of the lovely morning feasts that Scott prepares for me, since he’s been up and active early in the morning, and I, a night person, drag myself up, staring until I awaken fully. It’s a delightful surprise each day, for which I am always thankful, and so, a poem of gratitude to he who loves me back.

Almost Daily: A Morning Feast

I love that he who loves me,
He who rises early
Greeting the morning
In meditation and eagerness
Also enjoys
The joy of my smile
As he serves
To my usual not-quite-awake morning self—
Coffee, with cream
Breakfast, a feast,
And smiling back is
He who loves me.

Sheri Edwards
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