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Daily Create and Poetry Worm Eye View

Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s photo and poem derive from today’s Daily Create: [ @ds106dc #tdc3615 ]— find a worm’s eye view. And in our Cole Park, these mushrooms pop up in the autumn when the leaves fall— perfect places for the magical toads to sit, or for a worm to hide, or upon which a pixie could dance. Today, they are a short story from the worm’s point of view.

Just so you know— toads do eat worms. See this Brittanica For Kids article.

Toadstool: A Worm Story

“I see a spot
Just for me,”
Wiggled the worm
In the lawn—
But quickly he turns
Away he squirms
As toad his stool

Sheri Edwards
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