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Here, Today

Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem. It’s December. It’s finally trying to snow. It’s been about forty to sixty degrees the last few days— not winter weather. It makes me worried about next summer. That’s thirty degrees warmer than it should be. In the summer. 130. We won’t make it. Enjoy your time each day. The world is so different now.

That reminds me of Grandma Theil— an beloved in-law grandparent. As the world around her became easier— easier to plow the field, easier to wash and dry clothes, easier to break relationships in divorce, she wrote to me: “Things are so different now.” Everyone thought she meant “difficult,” but she meant different. Her world was so different than that in which she grew up. We all feel it. It is the way, and we must find our way through.

May you find your way through, and help your family, friends, neighbors, and strangers through too. That is the way of love.

Here, Today

December these days should be cold;
A warmer earth the winter withholds—
Here, Today — the fog drifts in with falling snow: behold!

Sheri Edwards
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