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What will you carry?

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, the clock ticked forward towards violence again. It’s such a shame so many fearful of losing their privileged positions think carrying a gun will save them, but the threat just holding a gun symbolizes destroys the social environment for everyone. It’s disgusting that humans still have not figured this out.

Sean Patrick Hughes, a veteran and father and husband explains this well in his essay, Violence. Please take a moment to read it. Pretty easy to understand: violence begets violence.

If you think carrying a gun protects you, then you have forgotten the message of the man of peace. Love your neighbor. Walk in his shoes. Help those who need it.

Thou shalt not kill.

That’s pretty simple, but some people amend that to “Though shalt not kill unless the person has allegedly or legally committed a crime or if you are afraid of that person [who is different than you in some way].

Pretty sad, right?

So I ask:

What will you carry?

What do you carry?
An open ear?
A care to listen?
An awareness of options?
A mind open to others’ solutions?

What do you carry?
An ear full of the past?
A worry of difference?
A fear of change?
A mind building a wall?

What do you carry?
A heart of distrust?
A push for your own?
A stance of defense?
A hand clutching a gun?

What do you carry
A heart full of love?
A push to forgive?
A stance of acceptance?
A hand out in welcome?

What do you carry?
Stepping into the future…
Walking with strangers…
Forging humanity’s legacy…
Walking the bridge to the possible?

Will we prepare the way,
Is it true what they say,
The future, of which
Each of us is an emissary,
Becomes and depends
On that which we carry?

With what you will carry?

Sheri Edwards
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And, I’m glad that our current President Biden is carrying his support for America and its people with Build Back Better

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