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Every day, a photograph, a poem. Dragonflies are amazing creatures. I always feel a sense of wonder when close to them, amazed at their speed and precision with such graceful, lacy wings. They are a source of magic, I’m sure, and if you’ve been visited by one, take it as a gift. One day we found one on the lawn at the park— just there on the ground, no longer flying, no longer of life. We picked it up gently, amazed and reverent, and brought the beautiful creature home to share with grandkids. See, it still shines.

About Dragonflies


Found on the ground
Creature of speed
Once vibrant blue
Still reflects its hue
In the light
Of its lightness
The lace outstretched
For its last flight
Landing for us,
For its wonder we,
Found on the ground

Sheri Edwards
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