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Day 595 Daily Create Palette

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3577 ]

#tdc3577 #ds106 What’s On Your Palette?

Yesterday— for today— I wrote this poem:

Nature’s Palette

Midnight blue river
weaves its way
through golden fields
of wheat and bunch grass
beneath a sky
of bachelor button blue:
nature’s palette
of complementary hues.

Sheri Edwards 102821 30136521 Poetry/Photography

For this image, I remembered the lovely golden of a summer’s brightest day, which the image does not portray in its delightful palette. Still, the poem captures the memory of such days.

So, the serendipity of creating a palette for the Daily Create was a delightful surprise. I decided to adjust the hue of the original [see Daily Create image on the top right] and create palettes with that do include the bright golden amber waves of grain, and saved them to my Adobe library. You can see all my palettes in the Daily Create.

I’m just not sure what to think of such serendipity— a poem of nature’s palette followed by a DC for such. Is it the magic of DS106?

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