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Day 582 Ripple in Time

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I was inspired by this #writeout prompt:

The poem is a place we frequently walk, this spot on Banks Lake near North Dam Park is a favorite area for local dog-walkers and daily walkers. It’s a flat area with scenic and peaceful views especially at dawn and sunset, yet the path can take you up the hills for more of a challenge. Whichever route is taken, it’s a ripple of time that soothes the soul. Hence, the poem for this frequented walkway.

Banks Lake Ripples– a look and listen:

Walkway Possibilities for the Weekend

So– where might we possible go to spend time out in nature?  Let me show you the ways, and perhaps, if you cannot get out, these will provide a ripple in time for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Links to our Google Photo Albums:

Hopefully, you’re inspired too.

Where is your walkway? Where is your nature? Or, did you walk with me through the above links from #writeout t or my albums? Let us know!

Perhaps you’ll share a poem or story… Thanks for joining in. [similar post at What Else]

A Ripple in Time

Slow the world

Show the pace

Of nature’s gentle


Accept the peace

Ease your mind

With nature’s quiet 


A leaf flutters

Waves lap

Songbirds greet the 


Shadows flicker

Sunlight spreads

Across the river’s 


Still your thoughts

Fill your mind

With nature’s 


Let this muse

Paint your vision

In your ripples of 


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