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Day 577 Tree of Heaven

Daily Note: A photo, poem, and note. Yesterday I wrote about a sorrow and today I’m finding hope hard to find.

My sorrow is twofold, both losses. One a man I do not know except for his work in our community, and for whom I am thankful that he knew we appreciated that work because we have given him “thumbs up” as we walked by and told him so in person. Too soon to lose such a valuable person, too soon for him and for our community.

The other loss, this tree, a “tree of heaven” for which I have snapped over 50 pictures as it so often brightened my days of driving back and forth to Spokane for various family events and gatherings. Summer, winter, fall, and spring, this tree was a stable part of my life– I felt welcome and calmed by its gracious courage to continue to grow in our drought-filled area, that it shared its shade and colors and spread its arms to welcome all who stopped by– thousands, no doubt enjoyed its gifts.

On Saturday we drove to the rest area just to see my tree, since I have not been that way for over 577 days due to COVID. My husband said it was the “Tree of Heaven,” but I’m not sure, and now I will never know. All I know is the joy it brought and the tears I shed now that it is gone.

Stark change, isn’t it? This is all that is left:

It’s such a loss, and I have no idea why or when, just gone.

For a look at all my photos about this tree, enjoy my Google Album here: The Tree of Heaven Rest Area Tree. For me, it was a bit of heaven, a respite much needed on my journeys.

So, take care of your places, the spaces that give you hope and courage to go on, and always, always thank those you appreciate: you never know when they may be gone.

Tree of Heaven


Both of them

A man of trees

A tree of man

Both gave

One beauty, shade, grace, courage

Another kindness, care, thoughtfulness, community

Gone forever,

Both, too soon

Both with more to share.

Both missed, blessed, 

And remembered.

Sheri Edwards  
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Post 955 days in a row

And please: Get vaccinated!

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