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Day 572 Ponderosa Pine

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. On our last outing to Steamboat Rock State Park, we discovered three awesome Ponderosa Pine in special circumstances: each grew from a seed that had fallen in the crevice of basalt. When we see that we always think of the original Jurassic Park when the scientist says, “Life finds a way…”

And so, a picture, which became a poem, which became art– another part of my November fun: National Novel Writing Month, or #NaNoWriMo preparation, as well as the  #WriteOut by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service beginning October 10. And, of course, my CLmooc friends who doodle every day.

Ponderosa Pines are amazing trees– the love the sun, have deep tap roots for drought conditions, and are fierce survivors of wildfires. Read about them here:

Life Finds A Way

From the cone, released

I fall, carried away 

by a brisk breeze, 

away from chipmunk, 

down into the crevice 

of black basalt, 

snug inside as rain falls 

I sprout, spiraling my root 

along the crack 

to the soil, stem streaming 

to the light above,

I grow tall in the rock, 

a seemingly unlikely spot, yet

life finds a way

Sheri Edwards  
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Ponderosa Pine
Steamboat Rock State Park, WA

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