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Day 572 Daily Create FB Down

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3554 ]

#tdc3554 #ds106 What did people do while Facebook was down!

While Facebook et al was offline how did people even stay in touch?

Many of us were delighted that FB was down: it’s initial premise and continued disparaging code of ethics seems to leave the world divided instead of providing a platform to gather together.

Of course, many people just use FB for that purpose. I, for one, belong to several art groups and to my CLmooc group. All are positive, helpful, and delightful places to share ideas and converse.

Unfortunately, there’s quite a few people and organizations spreading misinformation and far too many people who fall for the “like” and emotional propaganda. We all fall for something; we’re human.

Anyway, in answer to the question, “While Facebook et al was offline how did people even stay in touch?” I thought of our landline and touchtone phone hiding away in the basement.

I even researched about it, because, I never stop learning. Some links to touch tone telephone history for you:

At the Click America, this image provided the “caption” for my Daily Create: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Everything Worked This Well?” and with our phone! Ha.

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