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Day 566 Daily Create Out My Window

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3548 ] is #tdc3548 #ds106 Making Art Out Of Fingertips (They Might Be Giants), but I have no idea what that means even after clicking the links.

However, of all the “fingertip” songs, I chose one with a true story:

Who’s that standing out my window?

It awakened me. That 

“thump thump thump”

“thump thump thump”

“thump thump thump” over and over. Stop. Again.

Looking out my window, the street light shown down on a deer in a very strange position. I could see its belly. Then its hind legs struggled, “thump thump thump.”

The Poor Dear Deer

“Scott, there’s a deer stuck in the apple tree,” I nudge him at one o’clock in the morning.

I ran outside, and Scott followed. There the frightened deer who had stood up to nibble an apple, had dropped down with one leg catching into the crook of a branch. Stuck.

It weighs a lot— more than we could lift.

I ran in and pulled the quilt off my bed, thinking we could pull it beneath and lift it some way.

No luck. 

“Let’s get Rob.” We ran in to get dressed and ran across the street to Rob’s and pounded on the door. Word to all: neighbors sleep through any commotion.

Finally, our pounding awakened him. He quickly dressed and ran over. Surveying the situation as only an engineer can, he exclaimed, “I’ll be right back.”

Returning with a long steel pole, he levered the pole between the two branches capturing the deer’s leg so he could force the lower branch down a bit.

The mule deer’s leg slipped out. She wobbled and shook her head, limping off, but in a few steps had shaken it off, and stotted her way towards the river.

Deer saved, thanks to out of the box thinking of Rob, our creative neighbor.

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