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Day 558 Worry

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I’m taking a haiku class with prompts and ideas. Worry was the prompt, and I can say with sadness that I am worried about the GOP hoodlums that have taken over our government and are destroying our democratic republic. For every bit of good news, there are ten bad ones, and the good news dissolves into thin air with no consequences to those most notoriously holding our country hostage. I guess what is saddest, is that most people don’t know what to do because some of the people they love are part of the distress. It’s heartbreaking. And, unfortunately, apparently that word has been disgraced by some, though it comes from a place of love– the heartbreak does. So why would it be ignored, cast aside, for not being “reasoned,” when those disparaging the word and emotion are in denial of their own lack of inclusive reasoning for the common good– for everyone.


Another shoe drops, 

a shroud drapes darkness again; 

our flag droops lower.

Sheri Edwards  

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Photo: January, 2021

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