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Day 537 In the Universe

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

I am so sad today.

I am so tired of anti-vax/pro-pandemic anti-maskers.

I am so sick of their pushing their religious beliefs onto everyone else in the name of liberty, when their very beliefs and positions deny the rest of us the right to live in this world in a bit of safety while we travel these earth changes.

God gave us the intelligence to solve problems and to take care of the earth, yet they close their minds to all but their sick interpretations of the gospel. They think only of themselves and their twisted version of a religion which now is unChristian. They are fed lies and incomplete, nit-picked information that puts, literally, the human race in jeopardy. I am so tired of their inane and loud intrusions and protrusions into an already difficult world. God forgive them, for they know not what they do, I guess, is the only way to think about it– and be supportive of the school boards, community-minded businesses, health care workers, and local leaders who use their god-given minds to find solutions to this world’s current issues.

In the Universe

There is delight in the 

universe— if we take time 

to recognize it.

There is wonder in the 

universe— if we take time 

to discover it.

There is order in the 

universe— if we take time 

to uncover it.

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