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Day 535 Curry Plant Surprise

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. We finally decided to try to figure out what plant this is in our garden. Did we plant it? We don’t remember, but our garden often is seeded by the wind blowing in seeds from the hills around us.

We discovered that the plant leaves smell of curry, although curry is a combination of spices– so not from one plant. I was able to google “lavender leaves plant smells like curry” and discovered the plant is called CURRY PLANT, but is really HELICHRYSUM ITALICUM.

Curry Plant Surprise

Oh, did we plant it?

curry smelling leaves; yellow

flowers: a surprise.

Sheri Edwards  
082921   24136521  

I also wrote another poem today… about the way I feel– a little lost in today’s world.

I feel like a lamb
wandering, wobbling,
at what in the world
each next step
next breath

Sheri Edwards 8/29/21

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