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Day 534 Word-Dance on Thirsty-Soil

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. A fun poem today, an invitation from @dogtrax:

Write a poem with the figurative language of a kenning— a metaphor in hyphenated combinations or in phrases. Learn about my process with the link Kevin [@dograx] shared: Ethical ELA Kennings: Atmospheric Atoms.

So my photograph today was taken up the hill behind city hall looking east towards the Grand Coulee Dam, reservoir that irrigates the desert, giving it life to grow our foods. You will recognize, I hope, the nouns I replaced with kennings: dam, desert, food. And my kenning for a kenning: word-dance.

Word-Dance on the Thirsty-Soil

Water-saver floods

thirsty-soil for ever-grow

and sustenance-musts.

Sheri Edwards  
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