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Day 530 Sweet Notes

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today was dark. I feel frightened and worried. The act of blogging takes my mind off, but so does the light of the outside. Today I was saved by the neighbor girls again, delivering their notes. So here I admit that the world has brought me down into despair today, but the little smiles of the future saved the day.

The poem is a one-sentence poem, a prompt shared at the blog Ethical ELA. I hope it helps you find your way back into the light. Take care. Help each other.

And get vaccinated.

Sweet Notes

With darkness in the news and

darkness all around

my heart sinks down and down 

like fall’s fallen leaves

decaying in the mud, but

…ding…dong…, the opened door

draws in light

saved by two little neighbor girls 

delivering their sweet notes

that break the spell

when their smiles and giggles

as they walk away

carry my heart back up to the light.

Sheri Edwards  
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