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Day 527 Daily Create Press Release

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3509

#tdc3509 #ds106 Ministerial Press release—new Ministry of Public Denial

I saw this one today. It’s a funny one so I felt OK about creating and sharing it. I don’t believe it is real– supposedly by a popular televangelist. But really– what religious person would say this?

But then— they do say Covid is a hoax. In the grocery store the other day, a man and a cashier were talking. The cashier says, “I just don’t believe the numbers.”

Scientists and the governmental department that has kept us safe from ebola and smallpox and polio and seasonal flues — so many dangers– you don’t believe them?

Do you get it? I don’t.

and finally

Please do wear a mask.

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