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Day 499 Daily Create Pictureless

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3481 ]–#tdc3481 #ds106 Create a Photograph in Words.

The little goldfinch in our area are fast and shy– it’s difficult to catch them with a phone camera if you don’t sit for hours waiting for one to show up on your side of the juniper or other bush. I hear them and see them flying and hopping inside the bushes, but rarely do I catch them on an outside branch. They see you coming and dart into or around the bush.

These birds are our state bird.

If I were to “write the picture” instead of snap the picture, it would be this:

I hear the cheerful chirping; I see within the pointed green leaves of the Oregon Grape bush, the flying and hopping of American Goldfinch, the male’s black head and bright yellow color flashing in sun rays peeking through, while the dusty-yellow female hops to the next branch. Both, with their black striped wings, are now hidden in the shadows, and are too fast for my camera to catch

~ No Photo, just words, Sheri

That is, of course, too long for a twitter response, so I had to cut it down to this:

@ds106dc #tdc3481 #ds106 #photosWithoutPhotos within the Oregon Grape, see a fly & hop of American Goldfinch, the male’s black head & bright yellow color flash in sunrays peeking through; the dusty-yellow female hops up. Their black striped wings now hide them in the shadows.

~ No photo, just words, @grammasheri

I also decided a picture was important, so I created I added my words to a picture with no copyright restrictions– on Flickr here. I will also use this image as a guide for my July Doodle, puzzle.

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