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450.45.3 Gentle Grazer

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yes, the little deer is grazing after midnight in our yard early this morning while we were kept awake by the horrible tat-tat-tat of machine gun fire. Yes: machine gun fire.

The Hillside Alight with Gunfire

On the hillside in the background of this picture we could see at least three different teams of people firing at other in a training session no one bothered to tell the community about, so of course we think terrorists are invading and taking over the dam and we are calling emergency services to report it.

I wonder how many calls they received at 911 because people feared an attack, perhaps had PTSD, feared that a wildfire would start in the bone dry grasses, and could not see any response from the local police or agencies.

I was frightened. I am angry.

Why didn’t they train in the spring or late fall when fire risk is less? Why didn’t they inform the community? Who was it, anyway? Really— is it some weirdo, fearful ultra-“don’t take my guns” conservative wing nut group? Is the local police? the agency security? the military? No one knows — no one minds if the military needs to train to protect these resources, but a little communication would have saved the emergency systems and the worry of the community.

I’ll update as I get more information from trusted sources; right now, it’s all FB conjecture.

The “Humanity” Flag in my Garden

In front of the well-fed deer grazing on our lawn is a garden flag of my art about our planet. I created it in Folk Art style with a little plea:

For Humanity

and all the little creatures of the world

Protect Our Planet

So– yes: I think the world by now should be at such a civilized place to work together to save the planet, and with the climatic changes happening this year, it is time we acted together — for each other.

Glad it is today 🙂

So, I’m glad and relieve today has arrived and I can share with you the horrible experience and the hope that our little deer and working together can bring.

Gentle Grazer

While most humans sleep,
deer graze in the early hours
of our tomorrow.

Sheri Edwards
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