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450.45.1 I Spy

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I walked by myself today; I don’t usually, but I’m feeling much better and the temp was only 73°F. And sure enough, I was not disappointed.

First, the slight movement of ears standing upright caused my glance to spy the deer resting in the shade just outside of the park in the ungroomed area.

Next, because I was alone and not walking on the right so Scott can hear me with his good ear– I did not hit the hanging needles of the pine tree. 🙂

And I was delighted by a blooming flower garden of lavender, grasses, and a daisy.

Then, as I enjoyed my favorite magical view that inspires my writing, more creatures surprised me. The footbridge seen along the path at the memorial to the first mayor of the town is always inspiration. I took the stone path to walk over the footbridge directly over Fiddle Creek [which is now dry]– but a turkey beat me to the path. See if you can spot it.

And while I planned to catch up, I loved the filtered sun by the game area and took a picture. I continued, and instead of seeing the turkey — although it is there off to the right, I, myself, was surprised by, and had not seen, the mule deer who were surprised by myself and others across the creek.

And at the top of the stairs along the path, the turkey were gobbling. I did not know why until I reached the top and discovered a young buck running towards me. I was surprised at that, too, until I realized that someone was handing out feed to the deer and turkeys. It is feed, so I guess that’s OK, but I think the wildlife are supposed to find their own food, which is all around.

Last, a few yellow finch flitted in and out of bushes, but they are too fast and too small to snap a picture, but I can enjoy their songs.

Take the walk with me through the gallery and videos below.

I Spy

The usual path:
movement, subtle—ears upright—
I spy it: the deer.

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