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450.36 Still Works

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Two things today–

First, an update on the little hummingbird. Scott thinks he’s seen a baby hummingbird, as I have, but we have not seen the mother bird for quite a few days. A tiny hummingbird attacked our cat, who is a voracious and swift hunter. Scott whisked up the cat and brought her inside so the hummingbird could continue with its journey without fear of the creature who could so easily grab the little thing, fierce at a hummingbird is.

All I’ve been seeing is the empty nest.

Second, I choose this old, rusty shovel for my poetry today for two reasons. One, it’s the one we use to dig the holes for our new perennials. It’s amazing that the old thing is still strong and useful. Old things are good too. Makes me, an old thing, feel a bit better about getting old. Second, my grandson would look at that shovel and say, “That’s spoon is too big.” Ha. He has such a unique sense of humor. His SoundCloud music channel is named, “This Spoon is Too Big,” with a trowel as image. 🙂 I love his composed electronic instrumental soundtracks. Most are named after elements from the periodic table. And, as a mathematician, he’d have a lot to say about music and periodic tables. I’m glad he shares his work there so I can listen whenever he creates another song.

So– the big spoon shovel became my picture/poem for this day– post 864 days in a row.

Still Works

Old, rusty shovel 

still slides into the moist soil, 

trusted garden tool. 

Sheri Edwards  
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Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
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