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450.34 Damselfly

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I wasn’t sure what I’d find today in the yard, but guess what? A little blessing arrived to brighten my day. I love dragonflies and damselflies because they eat those pesky insects like flies and mosquitoes– they are very beneficial to the garden. So how lovely to have one visit along with the swallowtail butterfly whose also been visiting.

I snapped a couple videos since the nearly transparent creature is not very visible.

Damselfly in the Yard


Oh! Look!


There it is again.

Long, thin, barely visible

A bit of blue

Dashing here and there

Along the blades of grass

And fuzzy leaves of the campion rose, 

A favorite insect and

Eater of mosquitoes, flies, and moths-

A friend in the garden,

The slender damselfly.

Sheri Edwards  
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