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450.28 Choke Cherries

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I love making art that is reflective of memories and things important to me. One memory I have of hiking and fishing in summers at the lake is to eat choke cherries— the tart berries that Native Americans across the midwest plains at extensively. And my mom was famous in our family for her choke cherry jelly! I so miss that!

The berry is ripe when black. The skin is tart, but once the berry flavor bursts in your mouth– mmm, delicious. So always bite quickly, and always spit out the pit. The process is pick, bite quick, spit. Yes:

  • Pick
  • Bite quick
  • Spit

So I designed this pattern in that memory. I included both the spring blossoms and the August berries.

See these in my Spoonflower shop. My order arrived today and so I set up the table on the back porch. Of course, the cat had to join in the celebration.

Choke Cherries

Tart bursts of cherry, 

remembered childhood berries; 

a trail of spit pits.

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