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450.27 Oxalis

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I purchased this plant and the green type perhaps ten or fifteen years ago, and they are still growing, usually in the house, but this summer I decided they needed a treat and set them outside in our shady back yard.

Notice the deer netting– one other year I had set them outside and the deer ate them all! Obviously, they grew back!

This maroon one is Oxalis trangularis, and all are members of the wood sorrel family, which you already know I love.

Did you know you can eat the leaves, flowers, and rhizomes? They’ve been food for many for centuries. How about that?

I could have thrown them out and have sometimes almost lost them, but I discovered today that during winter, gardeners should not even water them. No matter they’ve survived my ungreen thumb! 🙂

I love the color and the delicate flowers. I love how they close up the leaves and flowers when disturbed and at night. They are lovely flower friends.


Oxalis, maroon, 

a triangularis, grows 

still at ten years old.

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